Trailer Loading Calculator Tape

This new product is designed to help Dispatchers, LTL truck drivers, Material Handlers and Dock Workers to easily load and unload freight. TLC Tape can also be used in shipping containers, manufacturing areas, material staging areas, areas of security and any other application requiring  the use of a tape measure.

TLC Tape comes in a standard length of 53’ and can be trimmed to size. Check with customer service regarding minimums, special roll lengths, variable color schemes, or the addition of your company logo.

TLC Tape can be used for security applications. If you install this product on the ceiling of your trailer, security personnel can clearly see whether a "false wall" has been built.

TLC Tape is simple and easy to use. It is essentially a re-creation of the tape measure one would find on your tool belt. This tape measure on the wall helps to determine the length of the cargo being loaded and how much floor space is left in the trailer.

Benefits of Trailer Loading Calculator Tape

1.) Helps the "Dockie" during his/her nightly loading process.

2.) Helps to position weight over the axles...saving time.

3.) Helps the dispatcher determine the amount of room left for freight pick-ups and is a     "problem solver."

4.) Shows Border Patrol that they can see the full length of the cargo bay and speeds up border crossings.

5.) And, most importantly, helps the driver determine if the freight on the Bill-Of-Lading is the same size as what was quoted for the shipment...this alone, saves you money!

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